This is, of course, exactly what you would think. These pictures are our children, grandchildren and Nutmeg, our cat who very much thinks she is one of us!
All pictures located here will be periodically updated at the end of each year or as the whim strikes ! To begin with, we have the immediate family, daughters, sons and parents.

THE O'BRIEN CLAN: made up of Lola, Sean, Aidan, Summer, Cai and various assorted pets.

Lola, our daughter Sean, our son Aidan, our grandson Summer, our granddaughter Cai, our grandson

THE KABA CLAN: made up of Serena, Shafraaz, Adar and their pet Monty (who I may or may not be able to get a picture of).

Serena, my daughter Shafraaz, my son-in-law Adar, our grandson

THE PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS/GREAT GRANDPARENTS: Walter and Hazel Tymofichuk, Doug's parents. My mother, Zella Rae McIntyre, died in January of 1990 and my father, Jack James McIntyre, died in March of 1996.

Walter. Doug's father, the last Great Grandfather Hazel. Doug's mother, the last Great Grandmother

THE TYMOFICHUK CLAN: made up of Dylan, Athena, Justine and Myles

Dylan, Doug's son Athena, Doug's daughter-in-law Justine, Doug's granddaughter Myles, Doug's grandson

US: Then there is Doug and I living, loving, experiencing, playing and learning ... together!

Doug and I at Takakawa Falls

Finally, the one who keeps "us" in line!


"Someone has to do it"!