Mini Synthesizer Keyboard Retrofit

The Celtic Peasant is venturing into the realm of DIY electronics and has chosen, as a first project, to modify a toy keyboard to function as an analog volt per octave synthesizer controller keyboard. The above picture is of the original unmodified instrument.

As I am a newcomer to this field, I am priviledged to be receiving instruction and assistance from the Electronic Peasant.

The first step was to separate the original keyboard into its major components.

Then came the "exciting" job of stripping the parts off of the printed circuit board. Every part will be removed except the rubber membrane key contacts.

Shortly after learning to solder I have almost completed populating my first pc board.

The circuit for this project will be based on Ken Stone's CGS-10 Mini Keyboard project, but will be expanded to cover all 29 keys of the original keyboard with extra circuitry. As well, pitchbend and glide functions will be added.

The expansion of our synth has caused a re-evaluation of the keyboard required and a more ambitious project will be tackled by the Celtic Peasant. So this project will be set aside for now ... I am sure at some point in the future I will find a use for this keyboard. In the meantime ...

Well, in our house "in the meantime" can mean 'you snooze you lose' or 'if you don't want to lose it you better hide it' . But that's okay - you should see what the Electronic Peasant has done with it. What an inspiration!!